Coherence Therapy

'The only form of psychotherapy that has a procedural map or methodology that explicitly calls for and explicitly guides every step of the therapeutic reconsolidation process is Coherence Therapy'
-- Bruce Ecker

Paul Sibson - EmbodiMind - Counselling & Psychotherapy - Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The mind-brain-body system's built-in rules for change have now been identified and proven in neuroscience. Functioning from an entirely non-pathologizing perspective—The Emotional Coherence FrameworkCoherence Therapy is the only to-date mode of psychotherapy built specifically in accordance with these rules for change. Utilizing the mind-brain-body system's deep coherence as a guiding compass, Coherence Therapy first identifies the root causes of symptom production—implicit memories held unconsciously; integrates them into sustained conscious awareness; then subjects them to the crucial conditions identified by neuroscience for their permanent erasure.

This workshop focuses on:

  • The neuroscience of therapeutic change within the Emotional Coherence Framework.
  • The three-stage process necessary to bring about such change and Coherence Therapy's methodological adherence to these stages in clinical practice; stages Coherence Therapy terms Discovery, Integration, and Transformation.
  • The experiential demonstrating, teaching, and practice of techniques specific to each of these three stages within the methodology as a whole.
  • How to entirely integrate these new learning's into your existing mode or model of therapeutic practice or counselling.