'Mind is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information... We must always seek both the embodied and the embedded nature of mind. Embodied and embedded the mind is'
-- Daniel Siegel

EmbodiMind - Paul Sibson - Counselling & Psychotherapy in Durham and Newcastle-upon-Tyne

EmbodiMind is an umbrella term I originated to encompass all of the approaches I have integrated into my practice of psychotherapy. Approaches that across the board—in their own and very unique ways—emphasize and facilitate an increased sense of our embodiment, a concurrent increase in our capacity for relationship—to self, other and environment—and through this, a healing of the mind and increased sense of well-being and belonging.

The methodological home of EmbodiMind is within the Emotional Coherence Framework—an emerging and unifying paradigm in psychotherapy—and at its transformational heart is the Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process.